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i can just come out of my lungs are gone home yeah good. liquor rick i r t w dot com to germany. this is d w news live from berlin zimbabwe's president robert mugabe faces the end of his nearly four decades rule the country's ruling party is expected to expel him shortly meanwhile thousands of zimbabwe and have demanded he resign immediately but
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he's showing little sign of stepping down. also coming up it's deadline day for german chancellor on the america all talks on forming a new government enter their final day after another round of negotiations differences still remain on key issues if no deal is reached by this evening it could be the end of the road for medical. and in the bundesliga it was robert leaven dossiers performance as sharp as his new haircut and by our munich took on our part in the bavarian derby we'll find out. on how to quote boston welcome to the program zimbabwe's ruling party is holding an emergency meeting to discuss calls to expel president robert mugabe as its leader mugabe himself is expected to meet with military leadership and work out his exit from office but even now he's reported to be resisting calls to quit meanwhile tens
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of thousands of people gathered in the capital harare yesterday to demand he do just that. people power in the center of her mcgarvey muskerry these demonstrators chant it's more like a street party but man with a political message the people of zimbabwe have had enough of that i. think would be the motive to day. to day it's the first time in decades that people feel free to say what they really think of president mugabe his ninth a vicious crackdowns against journalists and critics. the country soldiers have become heroes for many after the military took control of zimbabwe on wednesday the generals back to this day of protest as well as an exuberant rally called by the veterans of zimbabwe's independence will the veterans but once macgyver support as
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he was they come right in the struggle against white rule now they want him to step down. his worries began last week when he sent this man his vice president and mr. a feed politician and fellow freedom fighter when i was widely viewed as mugabe's heir apparent before his sacking he fled the country last week just before the coup when a god was seems likely to laid a new transitional government even when mugabe resigned but despite the pressure from the streets and the military mugabe still hasn't sent his step down. correspondent privilege was fun here he joins us now from the capital harare for more privilege it's good to see you robert mugabe's own party zanu p.f. is set to oust him as its leader and expel him from the party how much will this increase the pressure on him. yes pressure is jus to mount.
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you might want to know that the. central committee which is meeting today is the organ of the party that makes decisions in between congresses so. this will is bound to put pressure on him but from what we hear he is still adamant in sticking to his guns specially he's saying. constitutionally he's too the leader so even if he's expelled from the party he's ease now is to say he was elected. by the people so he's to the head of state and less they go ahead and impeach him in parliament so he is resisting that doesn't sound like that there are any closer to any kind of deal especially because we're hearing that he's going to be meeting with military leaders to figure that all out. today as well he's going to be meeting with the
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army commander. pressure is on both sides we don't know what is going to come out of that meeting with the commanders whether he's going to agree to do that maybe cut but for now if he is booted out from the from the zanu p.f. the party used to traditionally used to the president because of even being elected constitutionally ok and the party is also planning to reinstate emerson. who is vice president until mugabe axed him just a few days ago that move seems to have kick started this whole opposition to mugabe that we're now publicly seeing can go on now once again be seen as the successor. it is not clear cut because even if he's going to be admitted back into the party yes you may be ready but the issues. in the party itself
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they do we have to end too good to. congress that is coming. in december in december there with jus to have an extraordinary congress but it we it was not clear is whether they were going to make it in elective congress so when they go to the congress then that's when they would have to decide whether or not god now becomes the party leader ok and the people of the country obviously we've seen them put on a massive demonstration are there more planned later on briefly if you can of there are no protests by the ordinary citizens that are planned today later on but the only thing that i to hear before coming on is that. chant she's planning to god it's a square with one tree of
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a mosque prayer for the nation privilege move on here in harare thank you you're welcome talks on forging a new government here in germany are entering what is supposed to be their final day chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are looking to form a coalition with the pro-business free democrats as well as the left leaning greens they're hoping to reach a deal by day's end but it's still unclear if the parties will be able to agree the mood of the talks more clear than hope in the words of one of the participants the has been progress but that's being coupled with setbacks. but in team are. dealing with climate policy they have to say that where we did have an agreement where we managed to agree to push on with the change in energy policy and make a real contribution to climate protection and achieving our climate goals that has been partly rolled back. that's what type. of the four parties at the
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table chance are going to merkel's christian democrats seem the most optimistic they're claiming success in economic issues and. we still need to look at cutting back on red tape but the fact that we found the strength to concentrate on such an important issue the economy and to reach agreement is a real step in the right direction. of the greens the state premier pardon burton burke met with the leader of the bavarian conservatives horse a whole. but they have not been able to agree on the crux issue of whether or not some refugees will be able to bring their families to germany. i would always be able to form a coalition with mr. but i'm dealing with other people here and early in the talks on saturday it was clear the patience of some of the negotiators is wearing thin.
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at some point enough is enough we've been circling around each other for weeks pushing issues and using tactics to try and squeeze a little more out it has to end at some stage we have to make a decision sometime in that time is this weekend at the latest six pm on sunday. but even that's not clear the very conservative leader is questioning the deadline . one deadline has already come and gone and the next one is just hours away i'm now joined by d.w. correspondent jefferson chace he's outside the green party offices here in berlin where the talks are just getting started this morning jefferson it's good to see you it's supposed to be the final day of these talks to form a coalition and chancellor angela merkel still hasn't managed to form a government if these talks fail could this actually spell the end for her well every that would be the worst case scenario i mean it is possible that if that
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if the talks don't get anywhere today they decide we simply can't form a coalition then there would probably be fresh elections and it would be very difficult to see how. america could stay on this chancellor under those circumstances however i don't think that's a very likely outcome i mean basically none of the parties involved in these talks have any interest whatsoever in having voters go back to the polls that would only help the fringe parties so there's considerable pressure on them to get a deal done form a new government for germany. there is considerable pressure but these parties that are involved span the political spectrum there is merkel's conservatives the f.t. p. and then the greens how can we expect that parties with such deferring ideas and agendas can find consensus. well ever you're right i mean this is probably.
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the coalition in post-war german history with the greatest range of divergent viewpoints however the v. the location that that they've chosen for the final day of their exploratory talks is very symbolic it's the offices of the state of god in berlin is is is governed by a coalition of the greens and the conservatives i think that symbolic i think what they're saying is that although we're going to have to make a lot of hard compromises it is possible it is it is indeed possible for us to agree on some of the issues that we otherwise stand on different sides of you mention making compromises on issues what are some of the major issues well what we're hearing is that the big sticking point is still what to do about the refugees the most conservative party in the talks the varian conservative party
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c c s u they want to see an annual cap of two hundred thousand refugees who would be let into germany the greens say they're willing to go along with that as a goal but they don't want any sort of hard cap they say it needs to be flexible. that. that the politicians need to be able to react to events as they develop there's also the issue of whether people who have been tolerated to stay in germany that can't be sent back to their home countries whether they're going to be allowed to bring their family members that's another big sticking point. d.w. correspondent jeffersons chase thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world the argentinean military believes the crew of a missing submarine may have attempted to transmit a distress call it detected several failed transmissions it believes may have come
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from the vessel and international search operation has been unable to locate the submarine it went missing three days ago with forty four people on board in the united states some eight hundred thousand liters of crude oil have leaked from the keystone pipeline in the state of dakota officials are investigating the cause of the leak the pipeline carries oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. to sports now or saturday's bundesliga actions of byron munich battling their fellow bavarians out spurred after a shaky start to the season biron have looked unstoppable since you took over as coach opponents have had a solid campaign but the last time they faced biron they were slaughtered six nil. robert levin dusky was sporting a flashy new haircut his boy unwelcomed out spoke to munich and the star struck who was involved as the host took the laid heading down from a set pace a scrap in the box ending with
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a tour of adult firing home. the chill in second gulled this season outs book struggle to threaten boy and skull that best chance is coming from set pieces stand equal to this effort from me gregor rich guy and soon doubled their vintage batman live in dusty celebrating his new book with an us cruel finish. by and pressing for sky u.v. to spill the bowl the counterattack executed to perfection. by and headed into the break two new love. and the game was over as a contest early in the second half levin dusty grabbing his bryce and his thirteenth go in just twelve bundesliga games out extensive defense giving the marksman free rein in the box. almost doubled his tally with this set up.
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but the game finished three nil by and now six points clear at the top of the table you'll poncas celebrating his life consecutive victory in all competitions. and just a reminder of the top story we're following for you zimbabwe's ruling party is holding an emergency meeting to discuss calls to expel president robert mugabe as its leader thousands of zimbabweans have protested in the capital harare to demand mugabe's resignation. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin we'll be back again at the top of the hour join us if you can thanks for watching. your children like chocolate. you can't live without your so.


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